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How Quickly Can You Assemble A Pop Up Display

On the day of your event, it’s crucial that you are prepared and ready to take on the day. That’s including having your display stand ready to assemble, along with an idea of how long this will take. The simple pop up mechanism has been designed for ease due to the lightweight, easy to transport style and quick install process.

To assemble your pop up stand and attach the graphics takes no more than 15 minutes. In our everyday life there are a lot of tasks that take a lot longer than this, making us realise the install process is pretty incredible for the Pop Up Display.

So, to give you a comparison, we have listed 4 things that take longer than 15 minutes to do, which we complete daily or weekly. 

Cooking Dinner

Yes, everyone has to complete the task of cooking a meal each evening. Even if it’s classed as a quick cook meal, it will take longer than 15 minutes. The planning, chopping and cooking process will take at least 30 minutes.

So, if you can cook a meal each night, surely assembling a pop up is a breeze?


Heading out to the gym or going for a run isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. But to work up a sweat and see the benefits you’ll be hanging out in the gym for 45 to an hour. Mixing cardio, weights and stretching takes time.

Food Shopping

A weekly food shop means trawling up and down the isles trying to pick some interesting food to keep your diet on track. The time spent shopping, weave through the busy crowds and queuing at the checkout takes more time than we like to admit – Especially after a busy day at work.

Answering work emails

After a nice weekend away, recouping for the new week ahead seems a distant memory when your back in the office. Opening your emails will leave you faced with hundreds of unread emails. It’s your job to sieve through them sorting the important from the rubbish.

In 2020, we are sending and receiving more emails that ever, so be prepared to put half an hour a side to make sure you don’t miss anything important.


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